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Invisalign technique

The Invisalign technique is a transparent plastic vacuum formed retainer that adjusts easy anomalies.

One can have a perfect smile now without worrying about aesthetics since this result offer visible results and you may have the smile that you want.

A set of moulds, made of transparent material are to be applied on the teeth, for straightening purposes. The moulds are made by the manufacturing company, together with the dentist and the entire procedure is computer-assisted. Several moulds are made and they get the teeth in the normal position at first, after several weeks. This technique is an alternative to classical dental appliances.

Lingual technique

Lingual appliances are completely invisible and they provide better aesthetics than conventional vestibular appliances. The “lingual” term refers to the attachment of brackets on the tooth’s interior surface, so as to be invisible.

Now, one can get rid of problems without worrying about society’s perception and to maintain the desired aesthetics.

The STb bracket appliance offers increased comfort to patients due to its low thickness and small sizes. The results are visible and satisfactory.

Due to this appliance, the patient may smile without worrying and wash his teeth without problems since the sensation he is offered will not annoy him at all.

Mini implants

Orthodontic mini-implants are temporary devices that can be used in most difficult situations, for instance, for the patients with orthodontic problems.

The mini-implant offers further anchorage and the application of elastic material leads to efficient tooth movement in short time.

These DAT temporary anchorage devices modify the orthodontic treatment technique. The use of these devices stands for a technique that offers new therapy methods, inaccessible a few years ago.

Clear Aligner

Clear Aligner was developed in order to solve minor tooth movement and orthodontic relapse occurring after treatment.

It is a fast and comfortable method for all types of patients. Clear Aligner is invisible and it is a new system that allows you to solve problems efficiently and fast.

Your social life will not be affected as Clear Aligner is invisible, easy to use and it can be removed before eating and brushing your teeth.

The treatment is comfortable and it was created only for you. By applying this treatment you may get rid of brackets or wires.

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